To begin, begin

I have wrestled with the idea of blogging for so long to no fruition. I was afraid of allowing myself to be vulnerable to the public and feared that I’d start something and not be able to commit and follow through. I am a perfectionist after all.

But, I believe there should be more authenticity on the internet. We’re bombarded with pretty images of influencers, celebrities, beautiful people that I admire, follow, and draw inspiration from. However, by monetizing ourselves, we sacrifice truth-telling and the real human experience.

As an INFP, I deeply value authenticity and constantly look for it in others. Sadly, I don’t see it much in this day and age.

So, internet, I am here to offer you authenticity and the truth according to me. I don’t exactly have a target audience. I thought, maybe, fellow millennial INFPs? No, it was too specific. I decided I will write about things I would want to read. Period. For me, I like reading about self-reflexivity, self-development, sustainability, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, hygge, career and work life, travel, media, and navigating society as a 20-something year-old. It’s a handful, but that is what I intend for you to get from me.

This is not a personal diary. Not all truths need to be told. There is power in keeping certain aspects of your life private. However, I will be writing personal reflections here that I believe will serve someone else positively. No matter what, the things I write here will always be written with good intentions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you stop by once again.

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