All-nighters, my toxic habit in undergrad

At first, I was worried about being a student again, mostly because I did not handle stress well the last time I was one. When I was an undergrad, my most toxic habit was to pull all-nighters, sometimes consecutively. I have vague memories of being awake for more than two days. If I didn’t pull an all-nighter, I would probably only sleep 2-3 hours the night before an exam and then wake up at 5:00 am to study.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I promise to write again.

I can't believe I haven't blogged in 6 months. I had such an ambitious goal in the beginning of the year that I would improve my writing through practicing in this blog. Somewhere along the way, my goals were derailed by the infamous Ms. Rona. My lifestyle changed drastically, and I lost my focus. Despite …

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Grad School Analysis Paralysis

I was never overly concerned about how practical my degree is and how much money I can make from it. I have friends who studied Nursing and Engineering because they believe (but mostly their parents believe) that those careers would fulfill their financial and material needs in the future. They’re not wrong, but I also observed how some of them were such bad fits for those fields. I believe people who have intelligence, discipline, a good attitude, and grit will indubitably achieve success no matter what they do. Am I too optimistic? Maybe, but no one can change my mind.

Don’t Like Your Friend’s Content? Mute, Don’t Unfollow.

If you dislike a friend’s content on Instagram, would you unfollow them OR mute them? For the sake of clarity, I will differentiate the two.Unfollowing someone means all their content will be removed from your feed and you will be subtracted from their follower count.Muting someone is similar to unfollowing in the sense that you …

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